Stretching Workshop in Cairo, Egypt

30 Oct - 2 Nov (24 hours) г.Cairo, Egypt

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Stretching in a group class

Course objectives

1.   Learn the stretching exercises technique for main muscular groups.

Modern personal trainer must know at least 3-5 proper exercises for each muscle group. Your clients should feel exactly the muscle they work with. And at the same time, you make sure that other body structures are not overloaded.

2.   Understand the safety features and precautions of Stretching.

Safety precautions in stretching must be known to every fitness trainer. Your clients don’t know the methodology, they rely on their ideas about stretching and every other fitness activity. How to stretch properly? How strong should the sensation be? Should there be pain in the muscles when stretching? How long should one exercise last? You must know the answers to all these questions.

3.   Descry the most common mistakes of trainers when working with clients

Disorders of posture, neutral position of the spine and other joints, excessive muscle tension and many other disorders often occur during stretching. Clients have different training experiences and they can’t perform the same exercises the same way.

4.   Understand the anatomy and physiology of stretching

Proprioception: neuromuscular spindle, Golgi tendon organ and their reflexes. Anatomy of the synovial joints, physiology of muscle contraction. Muscular balance: upper and lower cross syndromes.

5.   Learn the four basic stretching methods: active, passive, static, dynamic stretching. Combined methods of stretching

You will learn how to choose the following parameters of stretching training: ROM, speed, tempo, duration, sequence of exercises depending on the purpose and the stretching method. During the seminar we will practice the most effective exercises for the most important muscles and even myofascial chains.

6.   Represent group instructor skills: demonstration and modification of exercises, leadership, cueing, time control, class planning etc.

You will learn how to compose a group class program correctly, include exercises in the right sequence, targeting required groups of muscles. You will learn how to choose a safe starting position for the best control of movements during group training. You will learn the author's techniques and apply them in practice during training.

7.   Pass the practical exam at the end of the training

Each participant will demonstrate his or her professional skills. During the first two days of the training, you will perform short tasks, and on the third day you will demonstrate a part of the group class.

For whom is this COURSE?

Course advantages

Course duration

Course program

Stretching: theory

Stretching: practice

Practice on static, dynamic and combined stretching

We will learn the main muscles of human body, their attachments and functions. Then we will learn to choose the most effective stretching method for each muscle group:

  1. Lower leg and foot muscles
  2. Muscles of front and back of the thigh
  3. The adductors
  4. The gluts and psoas muscles
  5. Spinal extensors, muscles of the back
  6. The abdominals
  7. Neck muscles
  8. Shoulder girdle and arms muscles
  9. Muscles of the chest
  10. Breathing muscles

Master-class #1 "Simple methods of stretching for beginners".

We will perform the warm-up, the main part using different stretching techniques, in the end we will relax the muscles and calm the nervous system.

Master-class #2 "Stretching for experienced practitioners".

In this class, we will test combined stretching methods, complex exercises, sequences of exercises with progression.

Master class #3 "Relaxation and muscle release".

Training by the Feldenkrais method will make it possible to achieve freedom of movement in the joints and will bring the nervous system into balance.

Cueing in a group class

You will learn how to perform the voice, visual and tactile commands and cues during the group session.

Professional trainer should be able to demonstrate exercises, explain the technique to clients and, if necessary, correct the client's technique with a tactile command.

The exam

In the exam, you will demonstrate a part of the group class – from 10 to 20 minutes or a bit more. All of us will assess each other by following parameters: group management, mastering the technique of doing stretching exercises, choosing exercises and their sequence, correct demonstration and explanation, successful commands of all types.

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